According to archeological sources, at around 4000 BC, the Hurri civilization was founded with the Hittites in the Eastern Anatolia Region. Urartu epitaphs bear testimony to the subsequent presence of Urartus in the region. Thereafter the region was under the dominance of the Sakas, Sasani, Byzantines, Seljuklians, Mongols, Oguz, Karakoyunlular and finally the Ottomans, until today.

Stand in the plains and looking into the horizon, and the Agri Mountain will bring to life the legends of Noah. According to the Bible, it is believed that Noah`s Ark rested on the Mount of Ararat during the big flood, and the wide plain of Igdir at the foot of the mountain is the first place where Noah set foot after the disaster. From here, their progeny settled to the south and west along the Firat (Euphrates) and Dicle (Tigris) rivers, establishing the second beginning of the world. Olive groves cover this historical area, and the olive branch, which, according to the legend was brought by a dove to Noah, is believed to have been taken it from this wide grove.