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A population of Turkey is above 73.722.988. Average age of population is 28.5. There are 166 universities, 104 of which are public universities. Internet access per household: %41.6. There are 21 national, 14 regional and 229 local TV channels. Turkey is a Non-permament member of the United Nations Security Council 2009-2010. On October 3th, 2005 Turkey began negotiation process with the EU and become a candidate for the European Union since 2005. Since 1945 Turkey is a member of United Nations and also a member of Unesco since. Since 1949 become a member of Council of Europe. Turkey become a member of Nato since 1952. Turkey's Number of 3G mobile phone subscribers is 19.407.264 Number of mobile internet users is above 1.448.020 and Number of internet subscribers is 8.672.376 The mobile phone users are more than 61.8 million people.
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DISTRIBUTION OF FOREIGNERS ARRIVING IN TURKEY BY NATIONALITIES IN 2009-2011(*)  JANUARY (TOP TEN) COUNTRIES 2011* SHARE % 2010 SHARE % 2009 SHARE % GERMANY  111 296 11,41  115 844 14,30  116 604 15,51 IRAN  102 896...
Turkey Won Top Tourism Awards
Turkish resorts, companies and destinations have won an impressive 15 first place awards out of 72 in the latest Europe-wide rankings by World Travel Awards, the tourism industry's largest, most comprehensive survey organization. World Travel Awards ranked Turkey's southern port of Izmir as Europe's Leading Cruise Destination, while...
General Tourism Statistics About Turkey
General Tourism Statistics About Turkey Data for Turkish Tourism in 2011 31.5 millions of international tourist arrivals 23billion $ of tourism receipts General Statistics About the Tourism Turkey Capacity 48 airports with annual 50-million- passenger capacity 16 airports open to international flights, 1.000.000-bed capacity 8...
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