3000 Year Old Statue
The excavation team, constituted of 47 persons from 8 countries and led by Professor Timothy Harrison from the University of Toronto, discovered by the Tell Tayinat Tumulus in Hatay’s Reyhanlı district the statue of the ruler of the Hittite period. The statue which belongs to Hittite King Suppiluliuma II, holds a spear in one hand and an ear of wheat in the other. The upper half of the statue with beard, curly hair and unique bracelets has been found in good condition whereas the lower half has not been located yet. The basalt stone statue with the expression "Suppiluliuma" inscribed on its back is 1.5 meters tall and weighs about 1.5 tons. The most special feature of the statue are the eyes made from special stone in black and white and ed later on. MINISTER GÜNAY: “A UNIQUE SCULPTURE” In regard of the statue, taken to the Hatay Archaeology Museum to be displayed for one year, the Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul Gunay, said: "By holding the spear in one hand and an ear of grain in the other the figure represents the kings motto of fighting and providing for his people. It is an important statue of Anatolian art. The King’s eyes have been particularly emphasized. I have never seen in any of our museums or abroad any similar king statute with such a power of self-expression.”
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