Edirne - Sultan Beyazıd II The Health Museum
This museum was brought to life in Complex of Sultan Bayezid II Hospital situated in Yeniimaret quarter in the centre of Edirne. The health-museum project enabled the Trakya University to save this unique historical masterpiece situated in Edirne, which was the second capital city of the Ottoman Empire.

Darüşşifa (medical school, hospital) was founded in 1488 in the külliye, which is an Ottoman architectural style that encompasses a complex of buildings centered around a mosque. The medical school remained in operation for four hundred years as of 1488 until the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878. Its methods of treating the mental illnesses such as the use of music, water sound and various scents were unique and unprecedented at that time.

The Külliye of Sultan Bayezid II was converted into Turkey's only Health Museum in 1993 and received the Council of Europe's Europe Museum Award of 2004 .
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