Mountaineering Tourism in Turkey
Turkey presents to mountains lovers with an incredible variety of interesting climbing opportunities that are sure to satisfy the most demanding hikers, climbers, and winter sports fans. In Turkey, mountains come in all sizes, geo-morphological and tectonic structures and boast abundant wildlife and forests teeming with diverse flora and fauna. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Turkey for winter sports (especially skiing), mountains climbing and hiking.

Mountains Types in Turkey
Turkey, which becomes more arid the further south one goes, is presently hemmed in on every side by mountain ranges: The Northern Anatolian Mountain Range, the Interior Anatolian Massif Range, the Southern Anatolian Mountain Range and the Southeastern Anatolian Mountain Range. Important mountains in the Northern Anatolian Mountain Range are Istıranca (Yıldız) Mt. (1000 m), Bursa Uludağ Mt. (2543 m) , Bolu Köpoğlu Mt. (2400 m), Ilgaz Mt. (2587) and the Karagöl Mts. (3100m). In the Central Anatolian Massif Range, there are volcanic mountains such as, Erciyes Mt. (3917m), Hasan Mt. (3263m), Greater Mt. Ararat (5137m), Tendürek Mt. (3533m), Süphan Mt. (4058m) and Nemrut Mt. (3050m). In the folded Taurus Mountain range, there are the Beydağlar Mts. (3086m) and Bolkar Mts. (3524m), and in the Southeastern Anatolian Mountain Range there are the, Hakkari Cilo (Buzul), Sat (4136m) and Nur (Amanos) Mountains.

Mountains formed by folding or breaking Western Taurus

-Beydağları Central Taurus
-Bolkar Dağları -Aladağlar Munzur Mountains Cilo
-Sat Mountains Kaçkar Mountains
-Western Group (Verşembek)
-Kavran Group
-Eastern Group (Altıparmak)
Volcanic Mountains
-Mount Ararat and Lesser Ararat
-Mount Süphan
-Mount Tendürek
-Mount Nemrut
-Mount Hasan
-Mount Erciyes

Popular Climbing Sites
Kaçkar Mt. Range (The Black Sea)
Antalya-Beydağlar (Mediterranean)
Mt. Erciyes (Central Anatolia)
Niğde Aladağlar (Central Anatolia)
Mt. Ararat (Eastern Anatolia)
Mt. Süphan (Eastern Anatolia)
Bolkar Mountains (Mediterranean)
Mercan (Munzur) Mountains (Easter Anatolia)
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