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Eflatun Art Camp
Eflatun is situated in Çukurbağ Village (N.36* ve 13.614/ EO 29039.567 coordinates), which is 500 metres high, between the ancient cities of Phellos and Antiphellos (Kaş), on the ancient Lycian road. The sea is reached by a 10 minute car ride. The most important cities of the Ancient World are reached with a short car ride and 10-15 minutes walk. In the east are Myra, Kekova, Kyneai and Hoyra. In the west, Patara, Letoon, Ksantos and Tlos. Eco Camp is in the middle of these historical area, in the valley of Düdenağzı, with a stunning backdrop and views of the Taurus Mountains (Phellos).

Art Work - Shop
Workshops categories are ceramics, sculpture, marbling, and photography. All workshops are on beginner's level and all equipments are supplied to the participants in the camping areas.

This workshop starts with the application of the knowledge of design and sketching. While focusing on nature and landscape works, participants will learn about light, shadow, and line techniques. We also provide the basics of pigment and watercolor techniques. Using varied mediums participants will take the journey from inner awareness to the canvas.tion.

Art of Ebru
Mankind has made paintings in water for centuries and although the exact date is not known, it is known that the art form came from around Horosan, Central Asia and migrated to Anatolia. Through the manipulation of water, they lightened the colors and with the help of water's fluidity they transferred their designs onto paper. Marbling is a difficult and striving art form. There's no return or repeat. It's an inexact and exciting kind of art that requires a great deal of concentration and patience. Marbling is also one of the rare traditional arts that seeks only visual taste towards beauty.

Work starts with the introduction of the camera, lens, and film. After learning about light and composition generally participants move on to the next level of application.They utilize nature as their subject while trekking through some of the most beautiful scenery the area has to offer.

The workshop starts with drawing the object and then continues with sculpting the clay.
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