You probably already know that Turkey is breathtaking vacation destination for anyone interested in sand, sun and fun. But as well as snorkeling and sunbathing, Turkey also offers first-class golfing at some of the world's most gorgeous courses.

Turkey's first golf club opened in 1895 in Istanbul - others soon followed, but the first professional course didn't open until the late 1990s. Although Turkey was a bit late to the game, the country quickly made up for lost time by creating some great greens, which can be enjoyed year-round, thanks to Turkey's mild winters and hot summers. The Belek region, in particular, is known worldwide for its amazing golf vacations. The city features a dozen golf courses ranging in size and difficulty, from the 27-hole Tat International Golf Club that features seven lakes to the Kaya Golf Club and its 700-square-meter practice putting green, there is a course for every golfer, no matter what your stamina or skill level.

Turkey's myriad courses ensure there is something for every type of golfer. The Antalya Golf Club boasts two courses, each of which appears to be a literal walk in the woods but will challenge even the most dedicated driver. The National Golf Club offers lessons for all levels, including beginners, but don't let that fool you - in 2003, it was ranked the 14th best course in the world by readers of Germany's "Golf Journal" magazine.
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