Scuba Diving in Turkey
Diving in Turkey is quickly becoming a much sought after activity for travelers the world over. Turkey offers a multitude of dive destinations with a variety of underwater attractions.

Explore and experience the phenomena of the 'cold cave'. So named because, regardless of the surface temperature of the ocean waters, which are generally around 30 degrees C, or 86 degrees F, this cave maintains an internal water temperature of 14 degree C, or 57 degrees F.

Or maybe you'd like to dive the Italian three-propeller plane that crashed during WWII and now lies from head to tail at a depth of 40 to 60 meters or 131 - 197 feet beneath the ocean's surface.

Maybe diving the ruins of ancient Lycian civilizations is more to your liking, in which case there are several sites that offer excursions to rock tombs and ruins of the ancient city Antiphellos.

Also offered are a number of dive destinations abundant with marine life, beautiful reef dives, shipwrecks and cave dives for divers of all experience levels. Dive amidst schools of Mediterranean Barracuda, Parrotfish, Moray Eels, Octopus or Amberjack and on occasion you may even come across Monk Seals and Dolphins.

Along the Turkish coast, you will find many places offering PADI Dive Certification for all experience levels. Charters leave daily for dive excursions from one to several days in length, offering not only an unforgettable experience for the certified diver but also for those seeking to just snorkel and sunbathe on deck of the chartered boat or escape to one of the many shady areas of the vessel.

Turkey may very well be the only place left on earth where you can still charter a 'Gulet' for your daily dive excursions. Gulets are traditional Turkish Yachts with modern amenities of a design that has remained unchanged for centuries.
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