Delta Wings
Delta wings is a single person flight vehicle which can fly with wind and other air impacts and has no motor. Take off, stay on air and take off area is similar to paragliding . But there is more training period for flight. There is a person connected parachute for security.

Flight Regions
Delta wing sport can also be performed at the places where paragliding can be performed in Turkey.

Wings delta wing has approximately 25 - 30 kg weight, and 10 wing long when it is opened. (folded up standard 4 m) There are beginner, intermediate and advanced class wings. Beginner class training wings are used during training, when experience gained intermediate class wings can be used for flight. But for advanced level models, long time experience and flights are required. Wing is speed up when you come through advanced level in models, and control of the wing become harder.

Take Off beginning to flight in our country, is to run with shouldering wings from flight hill under appropriate weather conditions. For gaining altitude, generally there must be hill facing, in other words coming from opposite direction, winds are required. In another method thermal, meaning hot air columns ascending from ground, are used. While this hot air is ascending it rises delta circulating within it together.
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