Glider, is a flight vessel whose fly is maintained via pull of another motorized plane or rapid pull via a steel rope connected to a motor outside the runway.

Glider is separated from pulling rope by its pilot when it reaches to a certain altitude and begins to its free flight. Its appearance and functions of the commands are similar to the other motorized planes. But air conditions have more importance.

As glider has no motor, it has a special wing design. Special design of its wing profiles, being its wings big and wide gains glider a great rising force. Staying on air and flight of glider is maintained by air files. Air files formed during forward flight position of glider establish turbulence over wings by means of upper wings profile cross section, and also air files form a lifting force under wings due to wing under profile cross section. Thus, staying on air and flight is maintained, it can land and take off within a very short distance.

Cockpit of the glider can be for one or two persons. There are pedal, maintaining vertical axis movement of glider, and lever, maintaining vertical movement of glider in the cockpit. Other than these, there are subsidiary flight commands which will change the speed of the glider. There is also a wireless which will maintain the communication between glider and ground in the glider.

Inventor of the first glider in the world is known as Otto LILIENTAL, who had died during a trial flight on 1886 Otto LILIENTAL. Today glider sport is one of the most liked and performed air sports in Europe and the World. It is one of the oldest air sports in Turkey, Glider Flight School is opened in 1935.
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