Turkish Aviation Organization and aviation clubs are serving training for parachuting sports.

Falling Zones
Ankara: Administrative center of parachute school, is working under Türkkuşu General Directorate, which is the executive organ of Turkish Aviation Organization in Ankara. Due to being air traffic very dense there is no possibility for frequent falls but in special days and for training of staff parachuting is made.

İnönü: It is the main training center, in which activities of parachute school are densely performed during summer months. It is 40 km away from Eskişehir, and it is one of the regions on which all of the aviation activities at the same time and having training and accommodation facilities.

Efes: It is 70 km away from İzmir, and 15 km away from Kuşadası, and adjacent to Efes ruins and Meryem Ana church, and a touristic falling center hosting to especially parachute competitions with 1760 m long asphalt runway.
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