Ankara - Elmadağ
The Elmadag Ski Resort, which is on the northern slopes of Elmadağ mountain range, is a few kilometres south-east of the centre of Ankara, which has made it more popular.

Arrival: It is just 18km from the city, and close to the airport, there are many private vehicles going to the resort.

Geography: The resort is on the northern slopes of Elmadag between the altitudes of 1500-1850m. The area is treeless and covered with alpine meadows. The season runs between January and March, with a terrestrial climate, and snow thickness between 30-60cm.

Facilities: There are government-owned ski lodges, plus two restaurants, an indoor swimming pool, sauna, disco and restaurants. The T-bar has a 548m route, and the ski run is at an easy/medium level.
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