Isparta - Davraz
The Davraz Ski Centre is in the Western Mediterranean, 26km from the centre of Isparta.

Arrival: Municipal buses run from the ski centre to the city. Isparta’s Suleyman Demirel Airport is 58km away, and Isparta is well connected by bus to other areas of the country.

Geography: Davraz moutains, with an altitude of 2637m, is part of the range between Egirdir and Kovada Lakes, which surround the Isparta Valley in the area known as the Lake District. The ski centre has a terrestrial climate and the season runs between December and April. The snow is between 0.5 – 2m deep, and the mountain has a bare appearance with little vegetation and enabling different winter sports.

Facilities: The ski lodge has a capacity of 50 beds, and has a large restaurant. Other hotels in the centre of Isparta or the Egirdir area are also convenient. The chair-lift starts at an altitude of 1674m and ascends to 1961m, and the ski runs are 4km long.
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