Uludağ Ski Centre
Uludağ Ski Centre is composed of two seperate parts. It has a 1st and 2nd Development Zone. There are 16 hotels up and running in the Ist Zone where the investments have been completed. In the 2nd Zone where it had been declared as a "Tourism Centre" in 1986 has a 3300 bed capacity, a parcel of land for 11 hotels has been arranged and allocated to the Investors. Furthermore there are various state-owned facilities and a hotel in Uludağ Ski Centre, 12 Public and 15 owned by the private sector. In total 27 accommodation facilities exist and a 3000 bed capacity. In addition to the hotels, shopping and entertainment centres, a health clinic also serves in Uludağ Ski Centre. In Uludağ Ski Centre there are Ski Rooms for hire, skiing kits for sale and ski trainers available for ski courses.
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