Kemer - Phaselis
It is found on the 58th km of Antalya - Finike road. It is also possible to reach Phaselis city by maritime lines, which are 15 km away from Kemer. Being one of the eastern coastal cities of Lycia, Phaselis is one of the commercial cities of Hellenistic Age in the 6th century B.C. It becomes a bishop center during Roman Age. The eastern port of Phasellis, composed of three ports, are still in good condition. The western port, whose front and western parts remain under sand is suitable for having a swim.

Most parts of the ruins, which are on ground in Phaselis, are remains from the Roman period. A port, castle wamong these ruins have been found the remains of a port, castle walls, a temple dedicated to Zeus, King Antonius Caravella road, and also twenty lined theater ruins. The peninsula's throat part composing street is marvelous. It begins from south port and reaches to city gates.

It is thought that, due to the shortness in the width of this street, it may have been used as a stadium from time to time. Historical evidence indicates that two important athletism competitions were performed within Phaselis.

There are two temples near the Agora. One of them was constructed for "Athena Polias", who was a very important Goddess for Phaselis. The other one was dedicated to "Heista" and "Hermes". A bronze spear, which is thought to have belonged to Homer's mythological hero, Acchileus, was found inside the temple of Athena.

Building ruins, a church and the houses of bishops can be seen at sides of the street among the ruins. Roman-style Aqueducts have survived to this date, and are still in excellent condition. They are still used to cover the water need of the city.

There is also a museum, in which some ancient pieces of art were excavated in Phaselis. Phaselis draws much attention due to its being seen as an ideal promenade and beach place. Its remarkable features include a shallow bay, fine sands and a forest, a mountain, the sea and many historical beauties.
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