Atatürk's Opinions About Education
Today, the most important and the most productive duty of all of us is the national education affairs. We have to be absolutely successful in this area and we shall. This is the real salvation of a nation.

We have to improve our country in the areas of science, culture and prosperity, to develop the already productive abilities of our nation and to give the coming generations a robust, unchangeable and positive character.

Ladies, gentlemen. The method to be applied in education and instruction is to make knowledge a practical and useful tool that ensures success in material life rather than an accessory, a tool of administration, or a modern form of pleasure.

Education must be free from all superstitions and foreign thoughts, be of high quality and have national values and a patriotic understanding.

National education must be secular and based on a single school principle. Our objective in education is to raise citizens who shall increase the civil and social values and improve the economic power of the society.
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