Training, Internship and Youth
Amendments and innovations to be made in the Turkish legislation

In order to transfer authority and responsibility to the provincial organization of the Ministry of National Education, modification must be made in the Law of Organization of the Ministry of National Education no 3797.

If, after the required infrastructure is established, the period of compulsory education is increased to 9-12, which is the average of EU countries, arrangements must be made in the Apprenticeship and Vocational Education Law no 3308 in order to reinforce the relation between vocational and technical education and industry, within the scope of extension of periods and areas of usage of the financial provisions in the Basic Law of National Education no 1739 and the Eight Years of Compulsory Primary Education Law no. 4306.

A draft "Law of National Vocational Standards" that regulates the vocational standards and proposes establishment of a Vocational Standards Institution has been prepared by the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance Turkish Employment Office and submitted to the Prime Ministry.

In relation to higher education, the arrangements and the structural changes planned by the Higher Education Council shall be realized in line with the objectives in the Bologna Declaration.
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