In Short-term
Efforts shall be finalized and implementation shall begin of the Law of Establishment and Duties of the National Agency in charge of the Youth and Education Programs of the EU.

With the Vocational and Technical Education Modernization Project supported by the EU, the Basic Education Project supported by the World Bank, Vocational and Technical Education Reinforcement Projects approved by the EU and the Socrates, Leonardo and Youth for Europe programs, Turkey is planning to reach the EU standards in the education area as soon as possible.

From November 2001 on, our country shall be actively participating in the SOCRATES program, which is one of the education programs implemented by the EU. In that sense, the Diploma Supplement implementation, which is to be given by the EU to students on graduation, shall be started in June 2001 in all our higher education institutions.

In the coming years, efforts and arrangements (establishment of Vocational and Technical Education Regions) shall continue in order to solve the problem of qualified teachers and to meet the physical infrastructure and equipment needs of the existing vocational higher education schools.

Arrangements shall be made for adult training and in-service training.
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