In Medium-Term
In order to reflect the in-service reived by teachers to their personnel rights and to employ contracted teachers in areas of requirement, the related legislation and practices of the EU countries shall be reviewed and the necessary legal and institutional arrangements shall be made.

The modifications to the Basic Law of National Education no. 1739 in relation to vocational and technical education shall be completed by the Ministry of National Education.

Studies shall be started in order to adapt the manpower of the countries, which are included in the Council Decision no 363D0266 put into effect in 1963 to implement a common vocational education policy, to the changes in general economic circumstances and production technologies, to create a high employment capacity and to implement the ten basic principles in our country to facilitate the circulation of workers.

Efforts to modify the legislation are made by the "Legislation Commission" established as part of the "Council Monitoring Committee" which was formed after the 3rd Council of Tradesmen and Craftsmen held in 1998 and coordinated by the Ministry of National Education, and studies in relation to compliance to the EU adaptation shall be completed.

Modifications to the Law of Organization of the Ministry of Education no 3797 shall be made in order to transfer authority and responsibility to the provincial organization of the ministry.
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