Sanliurfa Museum
Urfa is rich for its history and historical works and finds.Firstly, National Education Director Avni Günal offered the construction of Urfa Museum in 1948. In December 8, 2021 the museum construction used as museum management and displayed to society in 1969.There are 3 archeological and 1 etnographic display halls in the museum.It is in Şehitlik Neighbourhood in the city center. Şanlıurfa Museum is the fifth, biggest museum in Turkey with its 74.000 works and finds. The oldest statue on the earth, 'Baliklogöl Statue' is exhibited in Şanlıurfa Museum. You can find cultural objects of many a city in their museums. But it is impossible to place the all cultural and touristic values of Şanlıurfa into a museum. Şanlurfa is the city, where the most archeological excavations have been performed in Turkey. In this aspect, the city center and the town centers have been declared as 'Open Air Museum'
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