Sinop Archaeology Museum
One of the earliest attempts at building museums in modern Turkey was the Sinop Archaeology Museum in 1921. The museum moved to its current building in 1970.

Found in the surroundings of Sinop, particularly during the excavations in the Demirci Village / Kocagöz Höyük in 1953, the earthenware with or without handles, vases with or without stands, other artifacts such as axes and spearheads and jewelry pertinent to the Bronze Age are on display.

In the first exhibition hall and on the gallery, various coins from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljukid and Ottoman periods accompany the shipwreck found in the Black Sea and the amphorae that are among the unique assets of the museum.

In the Icons sections, a rich collection of icons from the Byzantine Empire is on display. In various heights and sizes, the icons depicting scenes from the lives of Jesus Christ, Mary and Evangelicals attract much attention of the visitors.
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