Ankara - Atatürk and The War of Independence Museum
Anıtkabir museum is composed of three sections. The first section is Atatürk Museum, at which are exhibited Atatürk's civil and official clothes, his personal belongings, various gifts presented to him, and many assorted documents and photos. In the second section, just dive into the Çanakkale (Dardanelle) War. Audiovisual effects and objects such as rocks, cannons, rifles, guns and shells have been added to this section in order to allow you to perceive the war scenes on the walls as if in three dimensions. The other panoramas depicting the Sakarya Meydan Savaşı and Büyük Taarruz (two of the most important battles of the War of Independence) have also been arranged with the same effect in mind. The third section is composed of recreations of events that took place from the time of the War of Independence (1919) until the death of Atatürk (1938).
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