Ankara Etnography Museum
The Ethnography Museum is the museum, where Turkish art from Seljuk era to the present time is exhibited.Public clothes, jewellery, shoes, slippers, samples collected from various regions of Anatolia, womens and mens socks from Sivas region, various bowls, laces, scarves, belts, handkerchiefs, bed sheets, bride costumes, bridegroom shaving sets, old traditional Turkish art are exhibited.Technical material and designs unique to Turks and carpets, weaving benches from Uşak, Gördes, Bergama, Kula, Milas, Ladik, Karaman, Niğde, Kırşehir regions are on display. Among fine art samples of Anatolian Mine arts, there are Mamluk boilers from 15th century, Ottoman sweet boilers, hand washing jugs, trays, coffee trays, meal tables, cups, candle scissors etc. are exhibited.Arrows, bows, lighting pistols, rifles, sword and other things from Ottoman period, Turkish pottery and porcelain and Kütahya porcelains, religious and sect properties, Turkish inscriptions are exhibited with the nice samples.
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