Izmir Archaeology Museum
The first archaeology museum in Izmir was opened to visit in 1927 at Ayavukla (Gözlü) Church in the district of Tepecik. The second museum was founded in 1951 at the Culture Park. However, since the region is very rich in terms of archeolgical sites, both museums were insufficient and a new and modern museum was needed. It was established on a 5000 sqm area in Bahribaba Park in Konak on February 11th, 1984.

The museum was designed to meet any kind of needs with exhibition halls, laboratories, warehouses, photography rooms, libraries and conference halls. The number of monuments on display in the museum building and in the garden is more than 1500. The entrance floor of the museum is devoted to the exhibition of significant archaeological monuments found during the excavations of Iasos, Pitane, Bergama and ancient Smyrna. Busts, portraits and statues dating back to the Archaic, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods are displayed here. The hydrias of Hellenistic period, glassware, coins and a bronze Demeter statue are among the significant assets of the museum. On the enterance, the marble statutes are exhibited.
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